First TTC Post – Action Plan

So I am sure one thing that is important when TTC is getting prepared and having a plan. We have spent a good amount of time looking into what we should be doing or taking, ect. We came up with our game plan and so far it sounds good.

I will be taking Vitex as soon as it arrives, since I have irregular cycles. We will also be using PreSeed, and we will be following the Sperm Meets Egg Plan.

If you don’t know  what that is, the SMEP is generally BDing (baby dancing ) every other day starting CD 8. Starting CD 10 using OPKs. Once you get a +OPK, you BD that day, plus the next two (three days all together…whew.) skip a day, and BD once more. 15 days from +OPK is test day! It really helps to get a calendar and mark it all down!

I am so excited (and of course DH is!)  I will try and post each day or so to keep an update on how things are going and we will see where this month takes us! Can’t wait!


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